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5 Fairly Recent Finished Objects (or about to be finished objects)

I didn’t disappear permanently. I got busy. Busy knitting. Busy crocheting. Busy writing. Busy working. Busy, busy, busy. But happily busy.

To catch you up quickly.

  1. I got a job, the first in years (that actually pays). I’m working as an administrative assistant at a local church 20 hours a week.
  2. I’m writing my second book…30 chapters and 10 coloring pages in 6 months. Eek! (That’s an excited, yet terrified eek.) Here’s the link to my first book, Hello Beautiful!.
  3. I’m making knit and crochet projects for a local store, Campbell Creek Artisan Shop, for my Etsy shop, GreenGableStudio, for individuals who have commissioned projects and for a future craft show, Marion Made Market, November 16, 2019.
  1. Dog Frisbees for Campbell Creek Artisan Shop and GreenGableStudio
  2. Starry Starry Night Socks for Felicia
  3. Striped Socks for Jeff
  4. Kitchen Towel Toppers for GreenGableStudio
  5. Orange Socks for Jeanette
Off My Crochet Hook, Off My Needles

6 New Projects

I’ve been a busy bee This past week. Beside working on TWO new books, I’ve knit and crocheted several items for others (and a couple for me.)

  1. Microwave bowl cozy (Etsy order)
  2. Dish scrubby (Etsy order)
  3. Yellow market bag for Jo
  4. Teal market bag for me
  5. Green socks for me.
  6. Socks for a birthday girl. Shh!

All items are available at: GreenGableStudio Etsy Shop

Off My Needles

Slow Fashion Socks

Why I Knit Socks

People look at me like I’m a crazy old lady when I tell them I only wear hand knit socks. (I do have store bought athletic socks for working our and a couple pair of sturdy SmartWool socks for gardening. But other than for those special purposes, I wear socks I’ve knit myself exclusively.


  • They fit my feet perfectly.
  • I get to decide exactly what my socks look like.
  • No one else has socks exactly like mine.
  • The wool absorbs sweat better than store bought socks.
  • There’s a sense of accomplishment whenever I get dressed.
  • Sock knitting is easy, mindless knitting that I can do while reading, listening to a friend talk, watching a movie, or riding in a car.
  • Sock knitting satisfies my need to keep my hands moving.
  • I know who made my socks and what material went into them. (Although the worker did get paid $0/per hour for their work.) Ha!