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5 Fairly Recent Finished Objects (or about to be finished objects)

I didn’t disappear permanently. I got busy. Busy knitting. Busy crocheting. Busy writing. Busy working. Busy, busy, busy. But happily busy.

To catch you up quickly.

  1. I got a job, the first in years (that actually pays). I’m working as an administrative assistant at a local church 20 hours a week.
  2. I’m writing my second book…30 chapters and 10 coloring pages in 6 months. Eek! (That’s an excited, yet terrified eek.) Here’s the link to my first book, Hello Beautiful!.
  3. I’m making knit and crochet projects for a local store, Campbell Creek Artisan Shop, for my Etsy shop, GreenGableStudio, for individuals who have commissioned projects and for a future craft show, Marion Made Market, November 16, 2019.
  1. Dog Frisbees for Campbell Creek Artisan Shop and GreenGableStudio
  2. Starry Starry Night Socks for Felicia
  3. Striped Socks for Jeff
  4. Kitchen Towel Toppers for GreenGableStudio
  5. Orange Socks for Jeanette
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Summer Sweater Knit

I’ve been making tons of market bags for others. As soon as I finish one, I start another. They are such fun to crochet.

But my hands were itching to knit a summer cardigan just for me. When I found this yarn at my favorite local yarn shop, The Farmer’s Wife/The Yarn Studio, in Casey, Illinois, I knew it was the yarn for me. It matches perfectly my odd colored, yet beloved pants. (Don’t tell my husband I bought more yarn!)

Then I went on a Ravelry search for a pattern and found the Solana Cardigan by Irina Anikeeva. The cardi is going to be so lovely…and soft. Watch for progress updates.

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Newborn Hand-knit Socks

Knitters divide themselves into groups. There are the lace knitters, the sweater knitters, the shawl knitters. I’m a sock knitter. I’ve knit over 100 pairs of socks since I started knitting. One of my first projects was a pair of socks for a breast cancer fundraiser.

I’ve taught sock knitting classes. I’ve knit from the top down, the top up, the regular heel, the afterthought heel, the German short row heel, the fish-lips heel. I’ve knit plain “vanilla” socks, socks with lace patterns, ones with fair isle patterns, ribbed socks. Stripped socks, patterned, speckled, solid, tweed, socks with coordinating heels, cuffs and toes. I’ve knit four pairs of socks with the same sock yarn for everyone but myself in my family. (I have yarn for my matching pair…. but I’m a teeny bit sick of that yarn.) I’ve knit socks out of fingering weight, DK, worsted yarn. I’ve even knit anklets, dress socks, knee highs. Socks for men and women.

But I’ve never knit baby socks until now. And they are the cutest, quickest knit. I’m kind of addicted. So please feed my addiction, by purchasing a pair at my Etsy shop, GreenGableStudio

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Nupunzal Scarf

Hand knit shawlDo you every have a project that you like and hate at the same time? That was this project for me. I like the colors, the stripes, the yarn, the pattern; but I don’t like the final product. And I had a hard time starting it. I think my problem with the beginning of it was that I began it while with other knitters. We all started it at the same time, on an outing with food and drink, conversation and beautiful scenery. I couldn’t concentrate on the pattern enough to understand it. So I kept making mistakes, on after another. It was frustrating.

I persevered.  It’s finished. And I don’t like the end result. So I’m still frustrated. It should be something I love. But the yarn just didn’t work with the pattern. And I’m really tempted to tink it all to use the yarn for socks. I made the most beautiful pair of socks out of a ball of the same yarn. It’s very tempting…but all those hours on the shawl. And the pattern is so cool!

Decisions! What would you do? keep the shawl as is? Give it away? Tink it and knit socks? Knit the shawl again with different yarn?

Hand knit shawl