Etsy Update, Off My Crochet Hook

1, 2, 3, 4, 5….Market Bags

It’s Been the Summer of Market Bags

It started with my SIL. She asked me if I could make a blue bag from a pattern she liked on Pinterest, the Sakura Market Bag pattern. I thought, “Sure. I’ll give it a try.” It turned out beautiful. I would highly recommend the pattern. Then she wanted a second one. So I made another one, just like the first.

Next, my daughter asked for one. I decided it would be fun to try to create my own design.

So….I had to make a couple, three for myself.

And a friend asked for one.

Well…I couldn’t leave my other daughters out.

You can see where this headed, right?

Market Bags are now available at my Etsy shop, GreenGableStudio.

Off My Crochet Hook, Off My Needles

6 New Projects

I’ve been a busy bee This past week. Beside working on TWO new books, I’ve knit and crocheted several items for others (and a couple for me.)

  1. Microwave bowl cozy (Etsy order)
  2. Dish scrubby (Etsy order)
  3. Yellow market bag for Jo
  4. Teal market bag for me
  5. Green socks for me.
  6. Socks for a birthday girl. Shh!

All items are available at: GreenGableStudio Etsy Shop

Etsy Update

The Time I Got Sidetracked Knitting Baby Booties

Sometimes you need a break from your crafty routine. You’ve been knitting or crocheting on one project for so long, you can’t stand working on it one more minute. That’s me. I’ve been working on an afghan for a friend. It’s turning out to take a lot more hours of crocheting than I thought it would. The same stitch over and over and over. My elbow needed a break. I needed a break. So…

I found myself scrolling through Instagram, and the cutest thing grabbed my attention. Just like that, I had to make it. I did. I had to. That’s how these adorable baby booties ended up on my knitting needles. Fortunately, they are a quick, easy project. So I made two pair, one white, one pink. They are available in my Etsy shop, GreenGableStudio. So I you have a baby shower in the near future. they are ready and waiting. (I can even make a blue pair, if you want.)

PInk Baby Booties
Etsy Update, Handknits, Off My Needles

Newborn Hand-knit Socks

Knitters divide themselves into groups. There are the lace knitters, the sweater knitters, the shawl knitters. I’m a sock knitter. I’ve knit over 100 pairs of socks since I started knitting. One of my first projects was a pair of socks for a breast cancer fundraiser.

I’ve taught sock knitting classes. I’ve knit from the top down, the top up, the regular heel, the afterthought heel, the German short row heel, the fish-lips heel. I’ve knit plain “vanilla” socks, socks with lace patterns, ones with fair isle patterns, ribbed socks. Stripped socks, patterned, speckled, solid, tweed, socks with coordinating heels, cuffs and toes. I’ve knit four pairs of socks with the same sock yarn for everyone but myself in my family. (I have yarn for my matching pair…. but I’m a teeny bit sick of that yarn.) I’ve knit socks out of fingering weight, DK, worsted yarn. I’ve even knit anklets, dress socks, knee highs. Socks for men and women.

But I’ve never knit baby socks until now. And they are the cutest, quickest knit. I’m kind of addicted. So please feed my addiction, by purchasing a pair at my Etsy shop, GreenGableStudio