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10 Great Things to See in Washington DC

1. Where all the action happens.

2. Your Senators and Representatives

Senator Todd Young

Senator Mike Braun

3. Flowers growing out of a cracks in the pavement.

Fame flower

4. Rooftop gardens. (Eat your veggies, people.)

The vegetable garden above the AFBF office

A green rooftop garden

5. The view from the POV Rooftop Bar at the W Washington DC Hotel

The Treasury Building with the White House behind it.

6. The basement tunnels of the Capital and congressional buildings.

The basement ceiling in the cafeteria of the Rayburn House Office building.

7. The Monuments and the mall. (They served free ice cream one afternoon. Yum!)

The Washington Monument

8. George Washington’s mansion at Mount Vernon

9. The Potomac. (Sorry about the head in the way.)

10. The flowers at Mount Vernon

The purple Hollyhock bushes

A fragrant Magnolia tree

A Lilac chaste bush or Sage tree

Hydrangea bush

I owe Indiana Farm Bureau a huge thank you for sponsoring and leading this trip.