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Onyx Pullover

onyx pulloverhand knit

I’m almost done with a pullover. I’ve been working on it since spring, and just can’t wait any longer to share. It’s so nearly done. All I have left is the ribbing at the bottom.

But I have a problem. When I knit sweaters, I begin the project using a pattern I like, and then gradually I find I’m veering off on my own design. By the end I’ve changed my project so much that it doesn’t remotely resemble the original pattern.

When I do this, it feels wrong to say I designed my own sweater. It’s very different than it’s supposed to be, but I did begin by using someone else’s pattern.

I recently did this while knitting a sweater using the Pink Onyx Pattern. The original one is a short sleeved summer top. I made it into a long-sleeved pullover with the mesh pattern covering the entire front and most of the back. Also, it’s longer than the pattern and uses two colors. I followed the original pattern from the cast on to where it tells you to separate for the sleeves. But after that nothing is the same.

It’s made from Berocco Weekend DK yarn in a discontinued cream color with black to finish it off after I ran out of cream.

So is it an original pattern or an adapted pattern?  I honestly don’t know.

onyx pullover

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